Feel like your outfit lacks some sass? That may probably because you’re missing a pair of sunglasses that holds the power to take your outfit to the next level. We have compiled the best sunglasses trends for 2019 and you better be excited for what’s about to come cause these trends are classy and super cute.

Pointed Cat Eyes

These statement frames are all set to take over the streets! These skinny cat eyes are sleek, smart and will have you looking fine. Stock them up in different colors and wear them on every single day without any remorse.

Ultra-Round Sunnies

If your sunnies aren’t completely round, then they’re not in fashion. They are hot in fashion but because it doesn’t suit every face shape so you have to be careful. It’s best suited for women with an oval or long face. Check out our Round Up Sunglasses; they are a must-have.

Totally Funky

Get ready to have some fun with a pair of funky glasses that will have everyone’s head turning. Our Emerald City Sunglasses feature a gradient look and have a bulky and big exterior. Whether you’re wearing them to shield the eyes or as a fashion statement, they are definitely a good idea.

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Tiny Sunglasses

While big and bulky sunglasses are still in trend but at the same time a lot of designers showcased tiny ones on the runway shows and people went crazy over them! We promise you that you’ll fall in love with this trend; it’s that amazing

Floral Detailing

Ordinary sunnies are so last year, this time invest in a cute little pair that has a floral print all over. With spring just around the corner, this trend will be an amazing option. Our Flower Girl Sunglasses fit into this trend a little too perfectly, so check them out.

Mirror Mirror on The Face

If Chanel tells you that mirrored eyewear is back, then it totally is! Our Bella Cat Eye Sunglasses are super cute and so in style. They feature a two-tone frame with mirrored lenses and will give you total street style vibes.

A Bit Rectangular

Rectangular sunglasses are a fresh take on an everyday basic outfit. They are polished, wearable and look good on everyone. What more can one ask for?

Which sunglasses trend are you most excited for? We absolutely love them all! Every trend is unique, fun and a great way to spice up your looks.