• Autumn Phoenix

    Colors shared between the fiery Phoenix and the glowing hues of fall combine in the Autumn Phoenix shades. The UV400-protected, durable lenses feature a lightweight, frameless design that use double barrel stainless steel hinges for reinforcement of the frame
  • Bella Cat Eye

    Bring the vintage styles of cat-eye sunglasses into the modern age with the Bella Cat Eye frame. Featuring a cat-eye corner and angular lenses, the contemporary shades boast a pair of sunny yet pale yellow lenses. The full-rim frame is fashioned out of top-quality metal. Colors: Gold, Midnight Black, Crystal Blue, Easter Yellow
  • Bewitched

    With a thick, bold, full-rim black frame and rich purple lenses, the Bewitched sunglasses are sure to add some mystery and intrigue to your look. The sunglasses measure a total size of seven inches in width by four inches in height and are fashioned from top-quality materials.
  • Black Wildflower

    Wide black full rims line the dark black-tinted shades of the Black Wildflower in a cat-eye shape, complete with gold-tone notches along the edges to draw out their shape. Each pair is fashioned from top-quality plastic and shields the eyes from damage with its UV 400 protection. Color: Black, Black w/Pink lens, Grey Camo
  • Blade Runner

    Sporty and full of personality, the Blade Runner sunglasses will keep you looking your best and protected from the sun's rays all day long. The strong lenses are polarized and outlined with a matte blue half-rim frame that leaves the bottom portion of the lenses open.> Color: Blue
  • Blink Baby

    With a sleek, iconic aviator style, these Blink Baby sunglasses serve a greater purpose than just protecting your eyes. The design offers incomparable style to day and nighttime looks alike and are just as tough as they are stylish, thanks to the durable full-rim metal frame.
  • Cat Walk

    Mimic the styles of high fashion while incorporating your love of vintage styles when you slip on these Cat Walk shades. The sunglasses feature a full-rim design with a wider top rim to give the circular lenses a subtle cat-eye flair. The glasses offer reliable UV400 protection. Color: Gold/Black
  • Darling

    Romantic and ultra-feminine, these Darling sunglasses add the perfect flirty touch to any ensemble. The shades feature black gradient lenses and cat-eye style maroon-colored rims. Each pair is finished with a hint of gold trim by the temple, delivering a color combination that feeds into its luxurious look. Color: Maroon/ Black
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    Dragon Tail

    Sporty, rugged and ready to go wherever adventure calls you, these Dragon Tail sunglasses are able to accompany any outdoor lifestyle. The shades feature polarized rectangular Revo lenses with an oil slick-style color scheme and are fully rimmed by a strong red frame. Color: Red
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    Duck Sauce

    Every bit as vibrant and sunny as a spring day, the Duck Sauce is sure to add cheerfulness to your afternoon. The sunglasses feature a bright yellow hue with gradient yellow full rims that line the edges of the Wayfarer square-shaped lenses. The shades feature UV400 protection. Color: Orange/Blue, Black/Brown, Neon Green
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    Egyptian Blue Nile

    With their dramatic cat-eye shape, you can give any outfit a confident appeal with the Egyptian Blue Nile. The sunglasses feature a full-rim frame around the cat-eye shape Revo mirrored lenses. The marble-designed temples continue over the top of the frame to accentuate their shape Color: Egyptian Blue
  • Emerald City

    The ultra-bright and vibrant gradient lenses will do all of the talking in these frameless Emerald City. Double barrel steel hinges reinforce the temples of the sunglasses and UV 400 protection will shield your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun.> Color: Mirror Smoke Brown, Yellow/Orange, Teal Red, Ice Green
  • Ferngully Butterfly

    Sharp cat-eye shapes and cool sky blue lenses make the Ferngully Butterfly a flirty and free pair of shades to rock on any spring day. A gold-tone full-rim frame lines the Wayfarer-shaped lenses to give them a cute contrast in color that offers a more laid back look.
  • Fifth Ave

    Sophisticated, straightforward and sleek, these Fifth Ave shades give you versatile, high-class style day in and day out. The shades feature a Wayfarer-shaped frame that is black in color and complemented by the gray lenses it holds. Gold-tone embellishments around the temples finish off the look.
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    Flame On

    Fiery and beautiful like a Southwestern sunset, the Flame On sunglasses are sure to put a little spark in your day to day. These shades feature rectangular shape pink and orange lenses that are fully rimmed by a matching pink frame. They are polarized to stop glare from the sun. Color: Red, Brown, Black, Ice Blue, Fire Brown  
  • Flower Girl

    Ultra-feminine and chic, these Strawberry Flower Girl shades will have you looking flirty and cute no matter where you go. With a black and pink, thick floral cat-eye frame and baby pink lenses, these sunglasses express your sweet personality with ease. The lenses are finished with total UV 400 protection Color: Pink, Strawberry
  • J Macs

    With a wide, flat ornate bridge and an electric blue pair of lenses that stands out from standard aviator styles, the J Macs are sure to make a stylish statement at the festival and on the street alike. These shades feature a visor brow that is wide and outlined to give the glasses more shape. Color: Risky Orange, Midnight Blue
  • Johnny Blaze

    With earthy, neutral brown and black colors and a classic Wayfarer frame shape, the Johnny Blaze sunglasses add classic style in a subtle way. The glasses feature thick, full rims around rectangular-shaped lenses and are made from strong and resilient, hard-wearing plastic material. Color: Brown
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    Large, bold lenses with a decorated semi-cat eye-shaped frame makes the Lagoon sunglasses a show stopping choice for daily wear. The glasses feature an electric blue full-rim frame that has silver-tone metal, web-like detailing on the corners to highlight their shape. They are made from strong, resilient materials.
  • Love

    Romantic, chic and ultra-feminine, the Love sunglasses will put hearts in your eyes and give you a rosy-colored outlook. The oversized glasses feature a baby pink tinted pair of square-shaped lenses with rounded corners that are fully rimmed by the matching pink frame.
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    Marble Aviators

    Add a little more detail to classic-style aviator sunglasses with these Marble Aviators. The aviators feature a classic, large aviator lens shape with a gradient gold. On the tops and bottom of the lenses is a beautiful layer of marbled patterning to match the lenses. Color: Gold Marble, Blue Marble, Strawberry Marble, Silver Marble